Truth dispels all myth,
All religiosity,
All indoctrinal practices.

Truth shreds and dices,
Distills into just the sweet, sweet essence:
Pure flowing God-juice

Truth is written down
                                                                                                                    Truth is spoken
                                                                                                        Truth is a picture show

The honest truth is
                 in laughter and tears.
The gospel truth is
                 in skid marks.
The naked truth is
                in a bowl of fruit.

Truth codifies and collects,
And creates cohesion
With all its parts.

Hypocrisies of untruth are revealed when there is light.

God never runs from truth,
She is truth.
God never brags of the truth,
He humbly tells it to us.
God never rubs it in our face, when we don't get it,
It merely defrosts our foggy perception.

Truth can be so strong, clear and big that we can't handle it.

Whether we like it or not,
Whether we know it or not,
Whether we're ready for it or not.

Maybe, we can handle it (!) –  
Then we dispense
And delight
In it. 

Truth can be so small, hidden and obscure that we can't find it,
Yet, truth is truth, and it's everywhere:

Old person,
Young person,
Plastic bottle
Toilet seat.

Look, it’s all around, it’s ubiquitous:
TV commercial,
Lipstick container,
Bicycle tire,
Gallon of gasoline,
Street sign,
Artificial sweetner,
Can of silly string,
Popsicle stick.

Can you see it?  
Can you discern what is truth? 
Can you avoid the falsehood?  
                             It's right in front of your face.


Some spout the truth like fountains of grace and wisdom,  
Others blurt and blast it like a fire hydrant. 
Let’s wet our whistle. 
Sip, slurp, gulp and guzzle.
Some lead by integral example.
Others lead by examples that we do not want to follow.


Truth has traveled miles, thousands and millions and billions of miles,
Yet it has never moved
To reveal to you its unflinching grip on reality.  Bam!
Never, could it always be so right, as it unfolds and
Infolds and

Truth never judges.


Truth has power,
No righteousness or brio.


Truth could give a shit if we like it or not.
Like it or not(?)
It's not getting out of our way,
Truth will laugh in our face -
                 until we laugh with it (?).

Truth lies in all the traditions,
In all the world,
We just have to truck through mud to get to it.

Truth can be like a treasure hunt,
Like a surprise birthday party,
Or like distant stars only accessible by telescope.

Truth is at our fingertips
And in our heart
And balanced on our big TOE
 And dangling from our nostril hairs
(Finely trimmed and manicured, of course).

Look and feel
It(')s clarity –
A cinematic display of rad colors and lights.

Truth synchronizes religions – into spirituality(?) –  
No amount of dogma can darken the glow
No amount of indoctrination can stifle the aromatics.  

The breath of truth revives the dead.
Truth is truth, so bring it on!
Truth bitch slaps the best of them.
Truth is a tidal wave
That crushes coastlines of ignorance
And blasts reefs of insanity.
It consumes the arrogant sufferer
And propels the skillful one.

So what is truth?
It’s outside of ownership
Outside of possession,
It hangs out with integrity and compassion.
If you want to know what truth is,
Just ask.