The Elders knew
that as the world revolved
sunlight wrapped itself
around the trees
and fire set that light free again.

The Elders knew
that the out breaths –
the songs, chants and prayers –
of their elders
were recorded in the rings of the trees.

The Elders knew
that in order to grow tall and strong
deep sturdy roots
must descend into the darkness;
the path of ascension is always a path of descension.

The Elders knew
that superstition was swallowed in the forest –
equalized and harmonized –
and that powerful transformation occurs
when you’re with the silent standing nation.

The Elders knew
that to have the patience like a tree,
to have humility like a blade of grass,
and grace like a trickling stream
was just a droplet of wisdom to be gained from nature.

The Elders knew
that sacrifices, rites, rituals, ceremonies and offerings
were to honor themselves, each other, those before and those after,
animals, spirits and otherworldly beings
for the sake of something greater.

The Elders wisdom
has been passed to us
through wind, wood, water and fire.
It is ablaze in our hearts,
it is fluid in our blood,
it is solid in our essence,
and it is inspired in our breath.
We are their legend.