There is so much wisdom in children’s stories.  Perhaps they’re not really for kids, but aimed at adults.  Sometimes it takes a re-visitation of these charming tales to find some gems we may have missed the first time around.  

 Just look at Goldilocks.  There is a basic principle rooted in that tale that is quite applicable to daily life.  It’s the idea of “too much, not enough, just right.”  It may be an inexact science, but it is quite a useful tool for navigating life.

 Too much of something even if it’s a “good” thing may not be such a good thing after all.  Not enough of something can be unsatisfying or insufficient.  It’s a balance and a harmony that we must find within this inquiry, this life experiment.  The Goldilocks Principle is layered indeed, so let’s break it down.

 It implies a willingness to try, to embrace the mystery, to venture outside of your comfort zone.  Goldi has some courage in that department.  This courage allows her to fully participate in the game of life.  Unpredictable and unknown, she gives it a try.  Kudos to her!

 After trying something, it reveals preferences, i.e. what we like and what we don’t. What is right for us in the moment.  What we want in our life and what we don’t.  This doesn’t just have to be porridge, it could be a relationship or job.  We give it a go with all that courage and see if it works out.  We take what we like and leave the too hot, too cold behind.

 She also has a quiet inner strength to speak up.  She doesn’t just swallow things whole or sleep uncomfortably.  Goldi is confident when using her voice — speaking her truth.  Her power lies in her sovereignty and her expression of it.  Something deep inside recognizes that having a voice is important to create the life she wants — even if it means saying "no."

 Her actions embrace the freedom to say “no.”  By accessing this choice it allows her to offer a more genuine “yes.”  Isn’t that great?  An authentic, heart filled expression that carries true meaning.  By allowing ourselves this same freedom we can engage more fully and truly experience choice.  For many years, I said "yes" to things that I really wanted to say "no" to.  For those of us "yes" people out there, there is always a hidden "no" just on the other side.  Oftentimes that "no" could be aimed at ourself.

Goldi has a certain amount of “trust” in and for her experience (especially when it comes to bears).  Trusting that she will not only be supported, but get what she wants.  Trusting in that we don’t have to know exactly what it is we want right away.  All we have to do is try and go from there.  Lastly, she trusts in herself, in her own inner wisdom to make the decisions that she deems fit.  She, in essence, is her own guide.  She is carving her own path based on what she knows inside of herself.  And that's pretty cool.

 Those are just a few of the nuggets of wisdom we can learn from this tale.  We won’t get to the places we want to go without testing, trying, speaking up and trusting.  Oh yeah, there is a bit of a risk factor involved in all that too.

When it comes to: too much, not enough, just enough, that’s the game.  With our physical practices — are we moving just enough?  With our emotional practice — are we caring for ourselves enough?  With our mental practice —are we de-stressing enough?  With our spiritual practice — are we in it enough?  And the list goes on.

 So, if you need a teaching, find a kid, pick up practically any story and entertain a child while educating yourself. 

The moral of this story is to have fun, enjoy the journey and make it a bit Goldi.