Can we hear the sweet sound of cognitive dissonance – ?
The pasting and mixing of total opposites – ?
A delicate balance remains in the mind,
unaware of what it might find.  

Light and Dark are equally gray
and Sad is happy in spite of its dismay.
Around and around and around we play,
this game of opposites basking in "okay."

Smile and Frown make small talk
while Smirk and Stare flirtly balk.
Joy and Bliss chit­chat with Misery and Despair
while Broken and Repair laugh without Care.

Tried and True, Old and New
are stuck together with a lubricant made of glue.
Past and Future invite the Present for cookies and tea.  
Now shrugs and wonders “what about me?”
They all reminisce in the nostalgia of what is to be.

Slip and Slide gain traction,
while Integers and Fractions
have delightful interactions.
Zip and Zoom, rest on a turtle’s back
going steady and slow putting down the slack.

Bump and Grind dance slow,
Hide finds Seek in Dark’s glow.
Shabby blends with Sheik,
while Dull polishes Sleek
and Month takes a vacation week.

Silly and Serious play a game of chess,
while Laughter and Tears quickly undress.  
Candid and Deceptive build a stage
for Expressive and Shy to play charades.

Authenticity fakes a disingenuous smile
while Vacuous is dolled up with Sincerity’s style.
Relaxed in excitement is Apathy so grand
while Nothing-­to-­Do has got everything planned.
Enthusiasm navigates the spaces of Boredom
while Excitement studies in the stupendous doldrums.

A spoon full of medicine helps the sugar go down,
while it is in a cacophonous crowd where silence is found.
What is the sound of complete quiet?
Is there something tender about a street riot?
Can we be loudly quiet?
Can we be softly hard?
Do we get everything back that we discard?
Can we move slower than slow motion?
Or think through emotions?
Can we fly with fish
and swim with the birds?
Can we grant a genie a wish?
So Normal embraces Absurd?

It is simple in all its complexity
Concave in all its convexity.
Flexible in all its rigidity.
Unreal in all its reality.
The opposite inverse is conversely true
while the analogous equivalent is bogusly askew.

We reconcile our similarities
within cognitive disparities,  
for it is the only place
where clumsy is grace  
and no matter the look upon your face,
everything is perfectly imperfect
just in its place.

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