“Love loves to love love.”  One of my favorite quotes. Its content is great and it is also anonymous ­ so, I imagine this insight having been birthed out of the bosom of the universe. I realize that love is really awesome. “All things grow with love,” someone cool once said. Many of us realize the power of love, so I stepped into an inquiry of how I could spread this growth serum. Then one day I received a “random” text message from a friend I hadn’t heard from in awhile that said something like: “I think you’re great. Have an amazing day. I love you.” 


What an amazing note to receive. It landed like a bomb. Rippled out throughout my day. I felt loved, was in a better mood, smiled every time I looked at the text (which I kept the entire day) and walked around with an extra strut in my step. From that day forward, with regularity, I began dropping bombs on people ­- love bombs. Sometimes I just scroll through my phone and find someone I haven’t reached out to in a while and drop a bomb.

It brought me such joy to send it knowing that the person on the other end would receive an unexpected boost to their day. Much of the time I get a loving response (and there is the ripple). Bringing more joy, love and appreciation into my world is easier than I thought. By showing appreciation, things appreciate. 

It is simple, easy, fast and effective. So bombs away ­- this is a blast zone I want to be close to.