1) Exercise
          Next time you’re banging out a set of push­ups, going for a jog or taking a class, set the intention to offer your efforts to someone you love, someone that needs love, or someone you are learning to love.

2) Pick up trash
          Finding a stray piece of garbage, picking it up and finding an appropriate place for it is a great way to salute the planet and your fellow human. Perhaps this inspiration will ripple out. 

3) Breathe
          Count 3 breaths, 5 breaths, 10 breaths or more. To paraphrase Psalm 46:10, Be still (and breathe) and you’ll know my name is God. Yeah, that’s a Christian thing, but it doesn’t have to be. That’s just an example. The word respiration, inspiration, and spirit comes from the Latin root spirare which means spirit, breathe. So, it’s right there embedded in the word.

4) Sing in the Shower or Car
          Prayer often comes through song. Ever been to a Baptist mass, Kirtan, or even a rock concert? Prayer is in song. Let your voice out and pray it up.

5) Eat
          A prayer to your body by providing it sustenance. Great time to say grace too. Just make up the grace and rock and roll. 

6) Play a Game
          Prayer can be fun. Sit with your friends or family or even solo. Every time you reach a new level, open a new door or accomplish something, give a shout to something you care about.

7) Go to a Sporting Event
          Cheering for your favorite sports team is like a prayer anyway. Might as well raise a foam #1 hand, shake a pom­pom or raise your arms in the name of something that really means something to you. You’ll have all those people around you that you can pretend are sharing the same enthusiasm.  

8) Write something down
          Putting pen to paper is a great way to pray. Just look at all the Holy Books out there. The writers of those texts were digging on some spirit big time. By manifesting a thought in written form, you are creating a stronger connection with it. Writing is a form of prayer, direct it properly.

9) Have a fire
          Many ancient wisdom traditions use fire to pray. They will make offerings in the form of notes, i.e. writing down things they want to extinguish or ignite. Sitting and roasting marshmallows is another great way to make an offering. Fire gives us light and heat. When it’s cold or dark, I’m thankful for fire. Cheers Prometheus. 

10) Go for a walk
          Some yogis claim that walking is the highest form of yoga. You don’t have to be a yogi to go for a walk. It is good for your body, particularly your heart. It is great for your mind to alleviate stress. And wonderful for the imagination by taking in the scenery.