This one is for you

sometimes it is hard to figure out where to begin,
so, with this dedication I'll start with your skin,
from the tips of your feet all the way up to your chin,
your fat fleshiness and your skinniness thin;

this one is for you,
for all your fingers and toes,
eyes, mouth, nose, teeth and earlobes,
from your forearms all the way to your elbows;

so, we celebrate your body, your heart, and mind,
your laziness and the parts of you that grind,
from your frowns to your smiles, your shrieks and your sighs,
your hellos, good mornings, goodnights and goodbyes;

this one is for you on your good days and bad,
your happiness, silliness and when your sad,
aren't you glad, someone loves you just the way you are,
you are beautiful and lovely, like a perfect shining star;

this one is for you on your good hair days,
during spring time showers in the month of May,
for the days you wake up on the wrong side of the bed,
or when unwanted thoughts keep going round in your head;

this is for your higher self,
lower self, shadow self,
and all those undone things,
you have upon your shelf;

for when you’re blue and when you’re grey,
or when you have nothing to say,
when you put your foot in your mouth,
or if you've had too much to drink and have to ralf;

this is for you when you have to make tough decisions,
deliver bad news and answer hard questions,
when you do everything for everyone and never get a break,
when you blow out all the candles on the birthday cake;

this is for all your lates, and absences, and falling asleeps during class,
when you’re in a crowded room and make some gas,
then, the blame, on to someone else you pass,
looking at others and pointing at their ass;

all your cheats, quirks, nostrums and deceptive tunes,
all your dirty forks, dull knives and rusty spoons,
plates that are two days old,
and are stinking, stenching and growing mold;

this is for you when you really got it going on,
when you can't get out of your own way,
when you're coasting along,
when you tell the world you're gay;

this is for all your freedoms, all your rights,
all your peace making and all your fights,
all your opinions and inhibitions,
judgments and contradictions;

all your spastic contractions and intense interactions,
calming demeanor and explosive over reactions,
all your peeves and fussy trivialities,
your attributes, brilliances and banalities;

all your inappropriate comments and rude remarks,
timely moments, alone or in the dark,
confessions, apologies, and forgivenesses,
all your moments of shear joy and bliss;

this is to let you know it is ok to let your hair down,
whether you smile all day or wear a frown,
this is to let you know that when you're blue,
despite all your short and long comings,

                                    someone still loves you.