It’s been almost a year since I received a distress call from my mother about our beloved dog.  My mother was in tears and brokenly communicating to me about the health of our four legged companion.  Our 7 year old 28 lbs black labrador retriever mut was sick. She hadn’t been walking for over a week (my father would carry her to her bed every night), wasn’t drinking much water, was incredibly bloated, and was energetically declining for several weeks prior to that ­- she didn’t even have the energy to bark at the UPS truck anymore.  She was in dire straits and everyone knew it.  Zoe’s human and animal friends were visiting, giving her love, support, and in some cases, saying their goodbyes. 

The veterinarian made a house call, took a slew of tests and diagnosed her with kidney failure (they were only functioning about 20­30%) along with some nutritional deficiencies.  She was marked for a limited number of time.  The veterinarian’s recommendation was to switch her dog food to Purina, have her move as much as she can, and love her up ­- we were all sad and scared that the end was in sight. 

We had the love part down, movement was near impossible and the notion of mass produced dog food did not sit well with my mother. 

My mother began to research.  Good old Google turned up a few things on canine kidney health ( Animal lovers threw in their two sense and the healing experiment began. My mother started cooking again for Zoe. Quinoa, rice, green vegetables, turkey, kale, chicken broth in her water and superfood greens.  We even got green tripe ( which smells a lot like manure, but a for a dog it’s a delicatessan.  My mother also ordered a cleanse kit and put Zoe on their 3 week regiment of healing herbs and superfood greens.  The final piece of her protocol was hydrotherapy ­- hot water, cold water, hot water, cold water, repeat. 

In 3 weeks Zoe was moving around again.  Six more weeks of cleansing and she was back to her normal walk routine.  Another month and she was back to her old self, swiping food from the dinner table, chasing rabbits in the yard and barking at the UPS truck. Six months later, the veterinarian came back and tested her - the results were astonishing.  In many ways she was better than before. It’s been a year and she’s back to optimum health.  Now, she is 8 (or 9 ­ she was a rescue so we are not quite sure exactly how old she is) she is turning into a wise canine with a healing victory.  My mother has been touted as a bit of a canine wizard, and rightfully so. 

For animal owners and dog lovers, you understand how significant these family members are. From the bottom of my heart, thank you Veterinarian team, Canine Kidney Health team, Green Tripe team, friends, community and of course, my miraculous mother.