How do we measure success?

How do we define success?

What does it mean to be full of success?

To fill up, to brim up

to over flow the success cup.


Is it by

            our beautiful spouse,

fancy car,

big house?


Is it running real fast, real far

or discovering a star?


Is it measured by






            or degrees?


            by how many bushes or trees,

                        we plant,

            by how many "yes I cans,"

                        as opposed to "no I can’ts,”

            or, maybe, how many pairs of pants

                        we hem

            or how many crème

                        brûlées we can eat in an hour

            pies we devour

                        weddings we shower

            or sweets we sour?


Is it measured by

            the pennies in our bank

            fuel in our tank

            or people we thank


by stock portfolios,

            dividend returns,

            or investment properties


capturing the breeze

            for energy

making the best ham and cheese

faithful prayers on our knees

how many arguments we appease

            or, just, by the pain we ease?


Is it recorded by

            scores we achieve,

            grades we get,

            or exams we pass,

how long we can last

            in a staring contest?


Is it marked by

            how many extra lives we get in Super Mario,

            how many lawns we moe,

            or bubbles we blow,

            or how gangster we are with the bitches we hoe,


            the secrets we keep,

            observing silence when people sleep,

            taking a life leap,

            or expletives we bleep   

                        in front in little kids?


Is it measured by

            how many hardships we've overcome,

            how many burdens we've carried,

            or how many people we've helped?


Is it measured by

            how many mouths we feed,

                        backs we cloth

                        or bodies we shelter

            how many babies we help deliver

            or how many hands we hold

                        when someone is suffering?


Is it scaled by

            how many smiles

                        we inspire

                        during a day,

            how many people we inspire

                        to inspire


            how many books we have upon our shelves

            how many depths we delve

            into our soul


            or how many tears of joy we create

            how many gardens we cultivate

            how much land we irrigate

            or how much food is on our plate


            is success getting to a second date

            or not becoming irate

                        when Fate

                        has other plans?



Is it measured by

            the way we walk




                        or keep silent

            or by being peaceful when others are violent,

            how many dollars we've lent,

            letters we've sent,

            how well we observe Lent

                        or is it by how many hells we've bent –


            never being late on our rent,

            never a scratch,

            never a dent,

            does that make it evident,

            does that represent

            a successful experiment?



Is it marked by

            how my times we've read

                        the Bible,


                        Bhavagad Gita,


                        Aesop's fables

            or is it rather how many tables

                        we've served

            does that make us deserve

                        the title and prowess

                        of a success?


Does it show by

            how well we understand Shakespeare,

            dissolving all our fear,

            swurving to avoid a deer

            or how well we hear,

when we’re 90?


Is success counted by

            the number of old ladies we help cross the street,

            how many pots of tea we steep

            toms we peap –

            or is it by the company we keep?


Is success measured by

            keeping it legit

            how many hours in meditation we sit

            how easily we shit


            or how many

            slams we dunk

            touchdowns we punk

            or homeruns we plunk


            by the trophies,





            or autographs?


Is success measured by  

            merely taking one step

            on the moon,

            when squiffy or stewed,

            a jump, a leap, a glide

            finally hitting our stride?


Is it measured by

            the holiday cards we send,

            shirts we mend

            or how far our back can bend


            thank you notes we write,

            lamps we light,

            ending a fight

            or messages in a bottle we set afloat,

            how many times we vote,

            or always hitting the right note?


Is it measured by

            having all the right answers

            or not giving up after having all the wrong ones –

            how many times we make the tough decisions,

                        tell the truth

                        or trust our intuition


            or doing something you've never done,

            or doing something you've done a million times

            and will do a million more?



Is it measured by

            leaves racked,

            driveways shoveled,

            weeds pulled

            corn shucked,

            lips tucked,

            or tummies sucked?



Is it measured by

            floors mopped,

            hair cropped

            or bad guys bopped –

            how long we can stand on our head

            or balance on one leg instead,

                        while baking bread,

                        on a water bed


            how many doors we hold

            bedtime stories we have told

            merchandise we have sold

            or how many people we have kept warm

                        when they're cold

            how many years we have when we're old

            or how many records made of gold

                        on the wall?


Is it judged by

            how many marines we recruit

            bulls-eyes we shoot

            houses we loot

            suits we zoot


            or how many times you toot

                        after eating beans –

            is success fitting into skinny jeans

            with muscles round and lean

            or an apartment tidy clean

            fulfilling all our dreams

                        or just feeling serene?


Is success ever based

            on what we lack

            not having a nuclear attack

            or never feeling outta whack

            turning the other cheek after a smack?


What do you think about success?

What do you feel stakes your claim?

Don't be ashamed -

Let it rain!

Wear your success

                        like an adamantine headdress.


Now Let me be clear,

You take the wheel and steer

And you define

In your mind

What it means to be decked out in success?

What dress to wear to impress

The Goddess of Success?

Let it sparkle and glow

Keep it for yourself,

Or let it flow.

However you define your success,

Doesn't matter to me

as long as your doing your best.


Is it valued by not caring about Success at all?