What to do now the presents are unwrapped?

What do I do with all of this crap?

I'll put my underwear on my head

and give everything away instead

of keeping it for myself

or letting it get dusty upon my shelf.


I'm buried in toys and plastic and bows,

all I really want is for it to snow.  

To make beautiful angels to carry me away

to a far off land of wonder and fantasy.


The relatives are gone and all is quiet,

the laughter and conversation riot

has left a hanging silence and calm stillness

I thought materialism was supposed to bring me bliss?

Why is it that we celebrate this day?

A tradition that consumerism has taken away

from its spiritual grace

dare I say: it’s a disgrace?


The tree, and decorations and old Saint Nick –

how easy to forget, how fast and quick.

We dismiss what Christmas really means

the birth of a “savior,” infant and serene.

Even before then it was a pagan fest,

simply put: the winter solstice.


No wonder I don’t feel fulfilled.

No wonder my new underwear isn’t a thrill.

I think next year, in my own way,

I will tip my new hat all jolly and gay.

Praise all things divine,

for saying a pray will do just fine.


So in my own special way

I will salute and pray

to Nature and God and Goddess,

to everything that is Christmas:

all the angels, ancestors and avatars

maybe even a new watch and a new car.


This way I have covered all my bases

and I can focus on life’s great graces.

Spend time with my family and friends,

since I recognized in the end

it is just another day to celebrate

it is going on my calender to save the date

the beauty and wonder of a life so great.