Hold me 

Twist with me  

Closer and closer 

As we plunge into the depths of uncertainty.  

Anchor with me

As my roots

As my rooted re-membering

That together we can drive deeper 

To uncover more.

As we travel into the darkness together 

We are safer

or are we?

When we wrap and warp 

Into the unknown

Into the cavernous nothing

We are commingled in our descent.


Above the surface

We are tall and proud

Flowy and cultivated

But below

Only we know

That our power and pride 

Is because we have chosen each other

Chosen to reside 

Closer and closer.

We have dug in

Because we dig our companionship

And when we are ripped forth

May we be ripped together

Revealing our concealed togetherness.


We ride together

Until whatever our chosen fate decides.

We’ve done it together

Because of each other.

Until our demise,

I will cozy and comfort and connect with you.

With a tight grip

We embrace

In our twisted and entangled form

Knowing that we will transform.

Until then, may our form 



  • Hold Me was inspired by these two carrots.