For suretainty 
We're gonna have some funjoyment with this one.
Open your imaginavity
And enter into the startening 
Of language.


Words and language were inventedments

From tribaleoples

— that’s the honestable truthiness.

Theyit were conjucreated in moments of magnibrillance

When people chatalked and converstoried.

They were actuallably using their imaginativity

To ponderplay

For their own funmusement

Enjoyalistically, marvelistically

Inventmenting wordedge and prosetry.


It was a timepoc
When cleverisms
Were celepraised.
People were riddletwisted  
For intellismart ways to conversate.
They wishoped
To do plentimore
Then gesticupoint.
So, henceforthwith great excitipation

They scramblemushed soundords


Definolutely producticated 

Cleverisms of profoundence.


They weren’t anxiworried

About being ridiculatory

Or getting things exactallently


They weren’t occubusied

With grammarly 


Wherehow to placemark 

Dashpoints and curlysquiggles. 


They understandicated each other supertastically.

Mayhaps it was their psychicness

Or their unitivity

Or their connectisychronicism

Or their harmonification

Or their rapportation

Or their co-opership

That funjoyably cementified

Their amicablation.


Wouldn’t it be coolradatory

To experishare


Like this 

In the nowatory



I credubelieve


Is conceivossible.

Alwaysever making thinglies funjoyable

Especialimently scramblified poeticiousness.


Time for meI to goff and thinkanate a lilbit.

There are certaintudely plentimore discoverments to be uncoverfound.




Peace outloud.