Who is the guru, maestra, teacher or mentor?

Who’s protégé, disciple, apprentice, student are you?

Perhaps it is the tv screen or the face of a child?

Is it dollar bills or nature's wild?

Maybe it is the thoughts in our head

or the books we've read?


Are not our teachers,

            our gurus,

            our maestros,

            our idols,

                        anything and everything under the sun, moon and stars?


What are the mantras of our existence?

            Are they nothing but our circular verses inside our brain box?

            Are they everything that goes merry go round in our hearts?

            Are they the feelings in our gut?

            Are they our instincts and intuitions?

            Are they the recordings from our extrasensorial parts?


The spiraling and colliding relationships,

            with our stuff,

            and our habits,

            and our addictions,

            and our convictions,

            and our disciplines –

                        are they not our gurus?


What is your guru?

Who is your maestro?

Where are your teachers?

What sort,




            or flavor?


             and why,

             and where,

             and how,

                        do you yoke?


Are you your own teacher?

Is it not within?

What does it take to boldly take hold?

Are you not the sovereign soul authority?

Are you not

            the one,

            the maestro,

            the guru,

            the teacher,

            the pandit,

            and the ace?


Are you the you

that was dreamed

to remember

your power and prestige?


Is it time

            to awake,

            to arise,

            and to be forever lifted?


By who, what, when and where will you be moved?


Is it time for you to be your guru?


*image by Norbert, Gertrude & Chuck