I've got to get back to my mindful nest

a place that is mine

to restore

and rest.


It's where I go to refresh,

to relax and enjoy

alone and quiet

without loneliness.


When I have moments of duress,

feeling bumpy and grumpy

I like to be still

and forget all the stress.


My mindful nest

is where I can clear my thoughts

and feel comfortable

so I can perform my best.


Sometimes when I'm a bit clueless,

I breath deeply

close my eyes

and try not to obsess.


My mindful nest is warm

and glows like a halo,

like the ultimate refuge

safe from the storm.


It is decorated with tranquil art

a cosmically calming design,

outside of space and time,

and beats in sync with my heart.


The place is a wondrous space,

crystal clear

pristinely powerful

and flowing with grace.


I must learn to have it with me all the time

to take it wherever I go,

so when life bumps me with challenge and opportunity,

I will have that nest in mind.


                                                                                                                                                                    * Image by Norbert, Gertrude & Chuck