Sometimes I like to go undercover

And hide myself from me

I can't go out in public

And allow myself to be free

Then I would be exposed 

and everyone knows how that goes

Subject to relationship and conversation

Responsibility and intervention 

With friend and foe.

I would be outed for sure

And discover myself

Something I'm desperately trying not to do

I wouldn't even tell myself secrets

Or stories or things near and dear

Not enough courage and too much fear

To appear

To myself

So candid and bold

I'd rather hide until I get old

It's a tricky sort of thing being 

A trickster on self

Nowhere to hide

Nowhere to run

Not in the shadows

Nor in the sun

There’s got to be a way

I’ll find it I’m sure

Maybe I’ll set a trap

With a great big lore

That’ll do it

I’ll prove it

To no one

Not even to me

Because you see

That would jeopardize me



Stay low

Move slow

Don’t make a peep

So I can sneak

And slip one by

I’ll never expect it

Because it’s just me and I


* image by Norbert, Gertrude and Chuck