as the pieces of the mind


the threads of time

become sublime

– in the stillness of the


of mind –


a cognitive collected whole,

cascading kindness to and fro,

all is complete

all has been let go

– we are picturely perfect in our


of mind, –  

with nothing lost

nothing to find


childlike imagination spirals

in kaleidoscopic joy

our wondrous neural toy

charged for life enhancement

opening us into divine enchantment

thought-scapes and dream states

are diaphonous twins

tales untold are told

on and on they spin

toppling contradiction

into benedictions

of completion and creation –

distortion is absorbed by unification –

remains: only blebs of beauty and recreation

the creative crystalline clarity is me,

which makes me free

– in the quietude of the


of mind –


crest and creed can chaotically control

priceless moments of the soul

break through the static and tune in

our daily remoras we are conquerin'

– in the stillness of the


of mind –


the pieces of insight

(slimsy and sleek)

fit nicely tight

(with clarity streaks)

unbounded, unplugged

let loose and hung

limber and lean

a childlike scene:

fascination, wonder, and bliss forthright

the openness and acceptance

always delights

– in the


of the mind –



where does it go when it fragments?

constant inner arguments

twisted and torn

continually reborn

in the

– pieces –  

of the mind


where does it go when it slips?

out the back it spottily drips

we chase

and in crazy stewy stir

everything becomes a mess

everything a blur

then we hear that silent murmur

– in the sanctity of


of mind –


scramble and collect

gather and restore

new vantages of reality we can explore

soften and release

integrate the piece

inculcate a truthful feast

– with the


of the mind –


time in

so/now let us begin,

with a blank slate

a peaceful state

– in the priceless


of the mind –


a blank canvas for all to behold

our epic journeys allowed to unfold

our reflections

possible projections

of our self

compounding our surroundings

it all filters through

to color this collage

for me and you  

– in the


of the mind –


in the peace of mind

all remains itself

lucidity is

dressed in the beauty

of joyous serenity

sharing, flowing, gushing, rushing

from tip to top with eternal grace and fluidity

the wisdom of divinity

– in the peace

of the mind –




*original art by Matthew Langille