Yoga Bursts are a series of movements designed to easily slip into your day whenever a bit of movement is desired. They are all 1 to 3 minutes long, but can be expanded and done longer. This movements come from a variety of practices such as: yoga, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, and the martial arts. At work, in line at the grocery store, or after a long day, these movements are brilliant for a quick fix.  No changing of clothes, no sweating, no having to go to the gym. Check this out and see how you feel - besides, you can do anything for a minute.

Stimulates lymphatic, immune, circulatory and respiratory systems. Aids in stress relief, digestion and relaxation.

Arm Shaking
Opens forearms, upper arms, shoulders and neck.

Leg Shaking
Opens hamstrings, ankles, knees and thighs.

Ringing the Temple Gong
Lubricates spinal column. Stimulates organs. Aids in digestion, assimilation and elimination.

Upper Body Tapping
Stimulates skin, muscles and organs. Improves energy flow. Changes cellular memory.

Lower Body Tapping
Stimulates skin, muscles and organs. Improves energy flow. Changes cellular memory.

Facial / Head Tapping
Stimulates bones in the head and face. Improves cognitive flow, stimulates brain activity, and increases concentration and focus. Changes cellular memory.

Neck & Chest Tapping
Stimulates circulatory and respiratory systems. Great for inducing relaxation and stress relief.

Ankle, Knee, Hip Release with Balancing
Stimulates blood flow, improves coordination and balance.

Circles & Salsa Hips, Shoulders & Jaw
Stimulates circulatory and immune systems, releases tension, improves coordination and postures.


Breathing Techniques
Grounding, Alternate Nostril, 3 Part. Stimulates respiratory systems. Induces tranquility. Helps alkalize the body and prevent degenerative disease.


Meditation BURSTs


Sound Bursts

These audio recordings are a conglomeration of Quechua, Sanskrit, English and Hawaiian sacred, medicinal, healing chants. They can be played as a short meditation, repeated for deeper effects or left on in the background for personal enjoyment. The intention behind these bursts is to offer a sound tool to help inculcate a deeper sense of transformation in a short period of time. Listen and enjoy.