Yoga means different things for many people. In general, it is any type of practice physical, mental and/or spiritual aimed at enhancing quality of life. Many practioners experience a profound connection with their self and the world around them. It takes a variety of forms through many disciplines, uniquely inspired and embraced by the individual.


  • physical strength, flexibility and appearance
  • prevention of degenerative diseases
  • encourages speedier repair and renewal of injured parts
  • improves circulation
  • enlivens sense of creative and purpose
  • enhances overall quality of life

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Move it, shake it, use it and tune it. These physical movement inquiries are designed specifically for the uniqueness of the individual – ranging from an intense physical practice to a gentle relaxing flow. One-on-one, small or large groups, children, or corporate – anyone with a body is welcome.


It is not what you think it is. Typically called meditation, these practices aim to enhance the quality of our mind – concentration, memory and clarity. Ideal for those who want more out of their mind.


It is a matter of life and breath. Learn a variety of yogic breath techniques to energize, calm, and enhance your daily life. Accessible to anyone who breathes.

Kids Yoga

Yoga for kids is great for physical development, mental acuity, creative expression and emotional intelligence.  More and more kids are receiving the benefits of yoga in schools and home - and rightfully so.  I offer teaching for the little ones up to the youthful teens.  Camps, classes and one on one, the benefits of yoga for kids is astounding.  I help to awaken the inner children’s teacher in all of us through workshops and retreats. Let us play, let us breath and let us grow more childlike with children.


Cranio-Sacral Therapy

Cranio-Sacral Therapy is gentle, hands-on modality that helps to regulate and enhance the flow of the cerebrospinal fluid.

It is intended to enliven your body’s own “inner physician” to induce self-healing. Using only 5 grams of pressure, about the weight of a nickel, this non-invasive approach to body tuning is highly effective.

Legends tell many stories of mystic hand-healing by priests and shamans who could have very well been using similar techniques. Today, the effects have shown results that are nothing short of miraculous.


  • proven help for back pain, headaches and jaw pain
  • induces profound rest and relaxation
  • rehabilitation for post stroke, surgery or physical disease
  • soothes emotional trauma
  • unlocks stored catabolic cellular activity

Vedic Thai-Yoga Therapy

Vedic Thai-Yoga Therapy evolved from Nuad Borarn, an ancient form of medicinal bodywork from Thailand.  The practice is a combination of rhythmic compressions of the hands, feet, forearms, elbows, and knees, and stretching positions aimed at inducing mental, emotional and physical healing and enhancement.  It has been known to facilitate deep physical transformations, subtle cerebral improvements and emotional shifts.  This art, seen as a martial art of healing, is adaptable to all body types, altered based on individual desires and evokes a complete multi-dimensional experience.  Vedic Thai-Yoga Therapy has been known to have profound effects instantly as well as sustained over long periods of time.


  • changes cellular memory
  • oxygenates blood and improves circulation
  • soothes stress and anxiety
  • improves mental clarity
  • aids sleep
  • eliminates pain and soreness
  • improves posture and range of motion


A whole person – mind, body, spirit – approach is offered for physical enhancement, mental acuity and emotional fulfillment. Nutritional coaching, cleanse guidance, and life optimization techniques are implemented. Specifically designed for your daily lifestyle and personality to feel jubilant, look fabulous and to thrive blissfully on all levels.


Julian is the author of the course curriculum entitled: Robust Vitality.  RV is a multi-tooled approach toward wellness.


  • greater awareness of food and diet
  • enhancement of physical, mental and emotional habits
  • disease prevention
  • improved energy
  • weight loss and body sculpting
  • greater states of joy