A creative awareness project where individuals and groups gather trash from their local environment and use it to make art. Born in Playa Guinoes, Nosara, Costa Rica, several yogis were walking the beach and noticed large amounts of trash strewn about. Within 10 minutes 2 garbage bags were filled, weighing approximately 20 lbs total. The scraps were then used to make signs aimed at bringing awareness to the community. Within 2 weeks over a dozen signs were made and has since inspired a movement to reuse trash in a creative and dynamic way. Help us make trash into treasure by re-purposing litter to inform and beautify the world.

Trashin' Legacy

Trashin' Nosara


GRATITUDE What are you grateful for?

LEGASEA Leaving a lega-sea.

WELCOME HOME Mi casa su casa.

HOME This is our home.

HOPE The last spirit out of Pandora’s Box.

PLASTIC PILGRIM Who isn’t these days?

  PLASTIC PILGRIM-AGE  Heading straight for Mecca.

PLASTIC PILGRIM-AGE Heading straight for Mecca.

CRE8 We’re all capable of making things beautiful. We’re all capable of turning “trash” into “treasure.” We’re all alchemists of/for our own designs. Play, ponder, putter... cre8.

FUCK YEAH Fuck Yeah!

OM Oooooooommmmmmm


LOST Is there such a thing as a lost soul?

YOGA What is your yoga?

LOVE Love loves to love love.

  SACRED VALLEY?  This is a sacred place?

SACRED VALLEY? This is a sacred place?

  BE THE VISION  What is your vision?

BE THE VISION What is your vision?

PURA VIDA Pure life?

BLUE ZONE They have some of the cleanest environments in the world.

AGUA Agua is good for you, but the bottles?

VALLE SAGRADO That’s spanish for Sacred Valley

VANCOUVER The sushi is really good

BC British Columbia

CANADA It’s bigger and it’s on top

SARATOGA Saratoga Springs, the water is delicious

THE MISSION This is the mission

SAN FRANCISCO The San Francisco treat. Lots of hills.

NOSARA Yoga, surf, sun, art

PARADISE Where is your paradise? What does it look like? Is it in your mind, heart, soul, environment? Do you make it or does it make you?

LAKE POWELL It’s a pretty big lake.  Cool looking too.

SILHOUETTE This could be you.

SACRED SPACE All space is sacred

EAT LOCAL Seasonal and Organic, it’s good for you and the environment

SURFS UP Ride them waves

COLLECTED UNCONSCIOUS What would Jung think about this?

WTF What the flip? Where’s the foot? We the fortunate. Wasting the future. Wise the fool. Welcome to the future. Wazzup trashin’ folks? Walk, talk, fart.

PEACE SIGN Peace out, peace in

AWAY There is no away

HELP I need somebody

TRIBE Who is your tribe, your posse, group, gaggle, band, cohorts, cadre?

PLAYA Leave no trace

HERO Then a hero comes along

LIVE FRESH So fresh and so clean, clean

CHAKRA The wheels on the body go round and round, round and round, round. Created by Wren Coe

SO WHAT Miles Davis omitted the question mark. This was not a question, it was a declaration. Created by John Paul Gramelis

KALE IS FOR SNAILS Don’t eat something just because you saw it on a t-shirt. Created by John Paul Gramelis

FLOWER Flower power. Created by Kathleen Sereika

UNFUCKING A tribute to Katie Goodman. Created by Vanessa Dimoff

GO JUICE Juice is good for the body

PRANA Qi, Chi, Energy, Spirit… the invisible stuff that makes up everything in the universe. Created by Kate Hamilton

REINCARNATE It comes back in another form

EGO We all got one

BEAUTY in the eye of the beholder - and so is ugly

AFTERLIFE This is what it looks like when we’re gone

PERROS Dogs. Created by Downtown Matt Brown

ARCHIE French bulldogs love trashin’ the world

ARCHIE PEEING Trashin’ trashin’





DRIVE BY HOPING A drive by “hoping” from the next generation. Those that have it, those that inherit it, those that are drawn to it. These little ones are reason enough to have hope... So here’s to hoping.