How do we live in the now?

How do we suck all the marrow out of the present?

How do we release from the past and future?

By loving it hard.


By loving hard

We welcome all

We embrace all

We thrive on all feeling 

On feeling all

The joyous and jubilant parts

And the crushingly painful parts.


We love hard by enjoying others

With all their flare

With all their quirks and ticks

With all their magnificence and glory.


We thrive on the rich nectar of the present flowering

With this passionate pouring into.

We fuel on the fantastic beauty of the radical affirmation of what is

By our devoted ardor.


We love hard by suckling at grace’s impartial, nonjudgmental

Cascading flow of milky, pulpy life.

We feed and grow on the dalliance of the fleeting,

yet indelible



We love hard by going all in

Again and again.

Even after losing

Again and again.

This is how we win

Again and again.


We love hard by cherishing and relishing in

The little occurrences

The grand happenstances 

The mundane of the middle.


We love hard by risking 

And stepping into the fullness

Of possibility.


We love hard by putting ourselves


Into the vulnerability of freedom

The vulnerability of loss

The vulnerability of awakening.


We love hard

Because intimacy is our deepest connection

With others

With source

With life 

With death

And resurrection.


We love hard by learning to fly without wings 

By soaring too high

By swooping too low

And navigating the turbulence even during a straight path.


We love hard by riding the wild emotional pendulum with

Fantastic highs and crummy lows

Crossing paths, on occasion, with the stoics

Who’ve mitigated a safe middle passage.


We love hard by igniting the flames of passion

By stoking the fire

Basking in the brilliance of too much

By allowing them to smolder

And crave for more.


We love hard by bursting on the scene

Fully ready for triumphant glory

And dastardly defeat.


We love hard by baring all

For all to see 

For all to feel

Even if all is only one.


We love hard because we choose to radiate 

Because we choose to experience 

Because we choose to feel.


We love hard when the stakes are high 

And not at all.

We love hard because we know the stakes 

And take them anyway.


We love hard because we can.

Because why not?

Because there is everything to lose 

And everything to gain.


Loving hard is that choice 

That presents itself 

Again and again

Over and over.


Loving hard

Is laughing loudly

Is crying intensely

Is holding tightly 

Is letting go swiftly.


It’s full throttle

At breakneck, 



It’s all encompassing 

To smithereens.


Loving hard...

Let’s roll.