Over the past 5-days I had the honor and privilege to oversee the juice production for a 200 person juice cleanse.  The Omega Institute Campus, in Rhinebeck, NY transformed into Camp Reboot which was inspired by the film Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, by Joe Cross.  Joe and his team have inspired people across the United States, and World, to juice for better health.  My role was to manage a team of over a dozen people to produce the juice.  To make four, 16oz juices each day for 4 1/2 days was no small task.  With over 500 hrs of man/woman/heart power we served 500+ gallons, by juicing 2+ tons of produce!  Gratitude, love, joyfulness, and laughter were essential ingredients in every juice – they wouldn’t be complete without it.  So, raise a glass to our juice cleansers, our juice production team and healthy bodies and hearts everywhere.