Julian's presence, liveliness, and sincere desire to help those who are suffering combined with his background and dedication to bringing authentic indigenous healing practices to our modern society makes him an ideal partner on your journey to wholeness. We continuously bring Julian to teach to our community because he walks his talk and there is no one else like him.

- Ali, Co-Founder of Soul Camp


My personal journey of transformation has been greatly enhanced by the assistance of Julian through yoga and bodywork. I highly recommend Julian as a resource for anyone's personal growth and development of mind, body and spirit.

- Dr. Matt Goltl

Julian DeVoe is one of the most talented healers I have ever come across. Within only a few hours of speaking with him he was able to accomplish things my once-a-week, board certified therapist was unable to do in months. His combination of raw intelligence, unorthodox thinking and deep spiritual connections combines create a healer that is rare and awe inspiring. Julian was able to push me out of my comfort zone and look deeply into who I was and what I wanted to become. I highly recommend Julian to anyone looking to break through to the next level of consciousness.
— Joseph Charles Sacred Valley, Peru 2016

I have never been so gently awakened, deeply relaxed, safe and sound in complete comfort.  Working with Julian is the most peaceful path to balanced I have ever experienced. 

- April Wooten, Yoga Teacher

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Every class I have taken with Julian has not only been a tremendous workout, it was belly-laughing fun full of wit and wisdom. His knowledge of the body, food, the earth and healing is vast and grounded. It’s always a pleasure to be around his authentic nature.

              -Smith Banfield, CEO of Clear Space

Julian DeVoe is a gifted guide and educator with a well of diverse knowledge and skill sets. He masterfully cultivates safe physical practices with alignment based cues while maintaining sacred space with the creative levity of a spiritual storyteller.
— Cate McGrath, Yoga Teacher


My husband and I have had the pleasure of working with Julian to offer cleanses through our cafe in Pennington, NJ. Julian teaches the connection between the food that we eat and overall wellness with profound and inspirational insight. He is a trusted guide on the path towards lasting health, and brings patience and positivity to every step of the journey.

- Emily Matticoli, Emily’s Cafe and Catering

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Julian's energy is contagious, he's an incredible healer, teacher and friend... truly a radiant soul! 

- Avianna Castro, Intuitive Medium, Awareness Mentor & Meditation Teacher

I did the Kansas Kleanse, led by Julian, and was impressed with his presentation skills and wealth of knowledge regarding nutrition and overall wellness. The workshop was deeply impactful and led me to change my diet to a mostly plant based diet with ease. Thank you for sharing your insight, passion and light with all of us!
— Suzie DeVaughn, Wichita Kansas
Beautiful Day Cafe hosts week long vegan cleanses led by Julian that have helped to change our lives. So many of us have adopted small things that have made big differences in the way we feel. Julian DeVoe presents himself well and openly with valuable information pertinent to our wellbeing. He has the look, voice, personality and knowledge that pulls off a great workshop.
— Charolett Knapic