These videos can all be done while standing and are great for increasing flexibility, balancing the central nervous system, improving posture, clearing stagnant energy, and more. Try alternating them daily, or practice a few together for whole body wellness.


Arm and Leg Shaking (upper/lower/neck — gentle)
This movement is an overall de-stressor and whole body release. Great for stretching arms and legs, great for balancing the autonomic nervous system, improving circulation and adrenal function, inducing lymphatic drainage.

Choo Choo Train (abdominals — rigorous)
Strengthens abdominals and low back, improves digestion and elimination.

Clearing the Energy Centers (upper — gentle)
Increases energy awareness, clears stagnate energy, activates mind, hearts and guts.

Elephant (Shakes his Trunk) (upper/lower— gentle)
Stretches hamstrings and back, stress reliever.

Etheric Clearing (Prana Bath) (upper/lower/energetic — gentle)
Promotes energetic awareness, calms the mind, boosts energy and de-stresses. Improves circulation, enhances energetic awareness, clears static energy, improves focus.

Fountain (upper/lower/breath — gentle)
Tonifies the lungs when, promotes heart health, strengthens arms and shoulders. Promotes graceful movements and coordination. Great for coordination, circulation, lymphatic system and breath.

Head Rolls with Palms Out (upper/lower/neck — gentle)
Stretches the arms, shoulders and neck. Improves circulation.

Holding Up The Heavens (upper/lower — gentle/moderate)
Stretches the arms and back, improves digestion and elimination, promotes circulation.

Opening up Knee, Hip and Ankle (lower — gentle/moderate)
Promotes balance, circulation and coordination.

Separating Heaven and Earth (upper — gentle)
Stretches arms, neck and back. Promotes balance and concentration.

Shoulder Shrugs (upper — moderate)
Strengthens shoulders, arms and neck.

Sumo (abdominals — rigorous)
Strengthens abdominals and low back, improves digestion and elimination.

Throwing Qi (upper/lower — moderate)
Great for stress relief, circulation in arms and hands, mindful awareness.

War Horse (upper/lower — moderate/rigorous)
Improves leg and arm strength, focus, concentration and breath.

Boxer/Butterfly (upper — gentle)
Tonifies lungs, opens heart, strengthens back, improves breathing.


Crane (upper/lower — moderate)
Improves coordination, balance, posture, leg and arm strength.

Dragon (lower — moderate/rigorous)
Great for digestion, i.e. assimilation, integration, elimination, detoxification and flexibility. Generates leg strength and will power, focus and determination.

Empty Stance (upper/lower — gentle)
Improves balance, focus, connection to earth and strengthens the arms.

Fire Horse (lower — rigorous)
Promotes leg strength, breath expansion, emotional resilience.

Goddess (lower — moderate)
Improves balance, strengthens legs, stretches the groin, improves circulation to the lower body.

Hitchhiker (upper — gentle/moderate)
Strengthens the shoulders and arms. Stretches the neck, arms and shoulders. Improves neck and shoulder mobility, strengthens arms and shoulders, improves coordination.

Monkey Arms (upper — gentle/moderate)
Releases shoulders and neck, opens the spine, improves circulation and digestion, and is great for clearing stuck energy and emotion.

Ringing the Temple Gong (upper/lower/neck — gentle)
Lubricates the spine, stimulates adrenals, releases tension in the neck and back.

Short Stance Leg Squats (upper/lower — rigorous)
Improves balance, leg and arm strength.

Snake Uncoils His Tail (lower — rigorous)
Develops leg strength, will power, focus and concentration.

Face Tapping (upper/lower/face — gentle)
Releases tension in the jaw, eyes, cheeks. Great for mental focus and acuity.

Wave (Qi Pushing) (upper/lower/neck — gentle)
Great for leg strength and balance. Useful practice for energetic healing/sending energy. Improves circulation, coordination and concentration.

Wise Owl Turns His Head (upper/lower/neck — gentle)
Stretches the neck, shoulders and back. Promotes balance and coordination.

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