Hold Me

Hold Me

Hold me 

Twist with me  

Closer and closer 

As we plunge into the depths of uncertainty.  

Anchor with me

As my roots

As my rooted re-membering

That together we can drive deeper 

To uncover more.

As we travel into the darkness together 

We are safer

or are we?

When we wrap and warp 

Into the unknown

Into the cavernous nothing

We are commingled in our descent.


Above the surface

We are tall and proud

Flowy and cultivated

But below

Only we know

That our power and pride 

Is because we have chosen each other

Chosen to reside 

Closer and closer.

We have dug in

Because we dig our companionship

And when we are ripped forth

May we be ripped together

Revealing our concealed togetherness.


We ride together

Until whatever our chosen fate decides.

We’ve done it together

Because of each other.

Until our demise,

I will cozy and comfort and connect with you.

With a tight grip

We embrace

In our twisted and entangled form

Knowing that we will transform.

Until then, may our form 



  • Hold Me was inspired by these two carrots.

Word Playfunness

Word Playfunness

For suretainty 
We're gonna have some funjoyment with this one.
Open your imaginavity
And enter into the startening 
Of language.


Words and language were inventedments

From tribaleoples

— that’s the honestable truthiness.

Theyit were conjucreated in moments of magnibrillance

When people chatalked and converstoried.

They were actuallably using their imaginativity

To ponderplay

For their own funmusement

Enjoyalistically, marvelistically

Inventmenting wordedge and prosetry.


It was a timepoc
When cleverisms
Were celepraised.
People were riddletwisted  
For intellismart ways to conversate.
They wishoped
To do plentimore
Then gesticupoint.
So, henceforthwith great excitipation

They scramblemushed soundords


Definolutely producticated 

Cleverisms of profoundence.


They weren’t anxiworried

About being ridiculatory

Or getting things exactallently


They weren’t occubusied

With grammarly 


Wherehow to placemark 

Dashpoints and curlysquiggles. 


They understandicated each other supertastically.

Mayhaps it was their psychicness

Or their unitivity

Or their connectisychronicism

Or their harmonification

Or their rapportation

Or their co-opership

That funjoyably cementified

Their amicablation.


Wouldn’t it be coolradatory

To experishare


Like this 

In the nowatory



I credubelieve


Is conceivossible.

Alwaysever making thinglies funjoyable

Especialimently scramblified poeticiousness.


Time for meI to goff and thinkanate a lilbit.

There are certaintudely plentimore discoverments to be uncoverfound.




Peace outloud.

Let Us Pray

Let Us Pray

Let Us Pray?

Let Me Pray?


To whom?







                        Which form?

                        Which shape?


Should I offer gratitude for all I have?


Do I make signs? 






Gestures of reverence?


Do I remember the deceased and pray for their Souls?

            Their forgivenesses?

            Their guidance?

            Their love?


Do I invoke angels?


            Friendly ghosts?

            Deviant daemons?


Should I send well wishes to all those ailing?





Are there offerings to be made? 





            Trinkets from the heart?


Must I recite passages from scripture?

            Hymns known to all?

            Collected and respected known reveries?

            Vibrated tones of chant or song?


Do I kneel or sit?

            Fold my hands?

            Connect my palms?

            Close my eyes?


Do I offer in silence?





Is better in the morning or at night?

            What about midday?

            What time of year?

            In groups or by myself?


Do I need a special place?



            Accouterments ?


What do I need to wear?

            Is there a uniform or dress?


How do I dedicate with diligence?

How do I do this?

Can my daily actions be prayer?

            Are they already?

            If so, for what?

                        My thoughts, deeds, breaths?


Does watching a sunrise or sunset count?

Is wondering at nature’s design sufficient?

Is playing with a child, laughing with friends, gazing into another’s eyes enough?


How do I do this?

Why do I do this?

Why should I?

What does it matter?


Brain Hole

Brain Hole

The brain hole is that place

That space

Where stories are born

And storylines are lost.

Where our imaginarium 

Is our planetarium 

For creativity and innovation.


It's dark and empty.

Bright and full.

Luminous in its nebulousness.


It's that place where ruminations

Begin, live and end.

It's where contemplations 

Recycle, recharge and compost.

It's where the threads 

Of thoughts

And ideas 

And opinions

And facts 

And information

Mulch into a mush.

It's where the halls of memory,

The files of remembrance,

The catalogs of our story



It's that space,

That place

That is infinite

In its nothingness


In its everythingness

It's whole and empty.



It's that realm where

Magnificent things are pulverized 

Into nothing

And that nothing is constructed

Into magnificent things.


It's our inner magician's hat

Where rabbits of chimerical design

Are pulled from.



It's that place where our inner scientist

Observes big bangs of sparks

Sparkling ideas 

Swirling into universes 

Of kaleidoscopic dreams.


It's that place where our inner artist

Crafts, creates and paints 

Masterpieces of/for bombastic display.


It's that place where

We play hide and seek with ourselves.

That place that carries our unbounded

Pandora's box.

That place where the ethereal is bound.

That place…

Oh, where is that place?

I’m sure it’s there,


Giving essence to my radiant shadow

Or perhaps it just slipped into 

The vacuum of itself.


I am the marionette 

For my brain hole’s grandiosity,


And mastery.

I am the shadow of its darkness.

I am the 3D imprint of 

It’s multi-dimensionality,


And trans-dimensionality.

I am it’s humble servant

Ninety-five percent of the time.


Gladly I play the part as it’s offspring

Flung forth like a potter’s clay

I am it’s work 

In progress…


New Beginnings

New Beginnings

The revelations of new beginnings — 

where all before 

and all after

are wiped clean.

It gushes with curiosity 

and childlike playfulness

in the place of not know.

What a wonderful place to be!

So much to gain,

the space of a revered amateur:


clean slated.

infinite opportunities.

no limitations.

raw brilliance.

unsculpted clay 

ready to be spun and molded and crushed and re-molded.


What revelations are afoot?

What transformations abound?

What will launch from this wide open pad?

The excitement of new starts…

Into the everythingness we go.

The Vote Goes On

The Vote Goes On

Did you vote this past weekend?  Or today? Big voting this time of year.  In fact, it ’s the busiest time of year for voting.  Millions, if not billions, of votes will be caste by the end of the day today and for the next several weeks.  Gotta vote. I hope you got out there and voted.  But wait, midterms were several weeks ago, voting is over, right? 

Midterms did pass several weeks ago and many of us were caught in the frenzy of politics and civic duties.  Election time is generally very intense — divisiveness, issues rallied behind, principles questioned and considered, heated debating, celebrating and commiserating.   

During that time I was engaged in conversations with many people from around the US and the globe. The big question was, “Are you voting?” After listening to the pleas around the importance of participating in democracy (the US is a republic by the way, but really more of an oligarchy).  My response has been, “I vote every time I buy something and so do you.” So then question becomes, “How are you voting?”  This question is for more than people of legal voting age or of American citizenship.  Anytime anyone across the planet buys a product from an American Company, they (you) are casting a vote in the functioning of the American government (and much more than that).  


It’s important for us to consider that casting ballots in a box is not the only way we vote.  Perhaps there are other types of voting, which happen more frequently and with greater impact.  Let’s dissect this idea a bit, starting with the word, “vote.”


Definition: vote — n., a formal expression of opinion or choice, either positive or negative, made by an individual or bodies of individuals. 


With this definition we can move to interesting places, far beyond politics — but first, politics. Policy in the United States is largely influenced by our cash ballots, perhaps in more so than our electoral ballots (corporate money certainly leverages its weight on politicians which effect our legislation.  Some estimates suggest that there could be up to 100,000 lobbyists in the US which is part of a $9 billion dollar annual industry.)  Now is the time to get hip to the game and realize that our dollar votes have just as much impact and that goes beyond policy.

We vote environment with our food and clothing choices.  

We vote health care with our beauty and house cleaning products.  

We vote social based on what the parent company’s (of whatever completely necessary product we buy) agenda is.  

We vote international labor when we buy luxury garments or chocolate.  

We vote animal rights when buying a car or belt.  

We vote American jobs every time we buy something made in the USA.  

And on, and on.

So, how do we take our principles and ethics to our daily cash voting booths?  Must we investigate the integrity of every company?  Must we make sure that whenever we go somewhere we know what campaigns the parent company donates to?  Is it easy to just not think about these things?   


As challenging as it is, there are ways that we can match our principles with our dollar votes. Two useful smartphone applications are: Buycott and Good On You.  These apps allow you to align your principles with your cash votes.  They are simple, easy and fast.  If you are concerned about where your money goes (and overwhelmed attempting to research every choice) then these apps are for you.  


Equip with these useful apps we can then choose where our money goes and how it is making a national and global impact.  The challenge becomes when we have to change our lifestyle to match our principles. It’s worth the shift; it’s worth the evaluation; it’s worth the change.


By taking a step back from Holiday voting (spending) — and sinking into what we stand for, what type of world we want to create and what sort of environment we want to leave for future generations — we can choose wisely and perhaps even ethically.


It’s the most wonderful time of the year and the most important time of the year when it comes to voting.  Caste your ballots wisely.