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Who Is Julian?


Who Is Julian?

Difference Maker

In many ways no matter what we do, we're all making a difference.  I don't believe there are any innocent bystanders in the game of life.  One of my goals, intentions, prayers is to inspire people to inspire themselves.  By being a unique, authentic dude – perhaps a bit different, an odd ball, a weirdo –  I hope to leave a mark, impression, imprint in a way that brings about beneficial change, solid growth and long-term awesomeness.  We're all difference makers who have infinite capacity for growth, bliss and influence.  We could all use a difference maker, an advocate, an ally in our corner.  Someone there to cheer us on, offer us advice, and perhaps lovingly nudge us at times.


This is a goal, aspiration, course of work and at times a reality.  I think Universities “should” have a course on bliss.  Straight up.  Seems to me like there are a lot of people rolling around less than blissful.  I'm not saying I'm an expert (or maybe I am) but I am saying let's make this an actual thing that people aspire to.  Doesn't have to be limited to career or profession, goal or project... Why not radically outrageous, abundantly present and insanely incredible bliss?  I'm getting down on that.

People Watcher

What can I say? I enjoy the show.  I think people are brilliant, creative, funny, fascinating, expressive… To me, we are, they are, you are marvels of the universe, wonders of creation, piles of awesome and uniquely unpredictable.  They are, we are, you are my teachers, fellow earthlings (unless you’re an alien), my journey companions and my laughing buddies.  I learn, become inspired, have feelings and so many other things by hanging with and watching people.

Silly Sarcastic

I love childlike, playful, silliness.  I love sarcasm, a lot of times because I don't get it when others are using it, and because I think it's funny.  It can get a little dirty, so that's why I like keeping it silly.  A day infused with silly is a day colored in a good way.  Of course this dovetails into the obnoxious laughing.  When pulled off, it can be quiet genius, if not it can be plain old complaining.  It takes a pinch of clever, a dose of silly and a tad of observation to make it a success.  That's why I like it, it’s a small challenge.  My go to is silly, so I got half anyway.

Inquirer of the Divine

I have always been curious about spirituality.  I'm not sure why.  I have found truth and insight across many wisdom traditions.  I love sharing these teachings to inspire myself and others for the sake of living an empowered life, enjoying the journey and experiencing to the fullest.  Practical spirituality in a sense.  I enjoy hearing different soulful perspectives and I certainly love sharing mine. To all the Gods and Goddesses, Spirits and Energies, Illusions and Realities, let us dance.

Obnoxious Laugher.JPG

Obnoxious Laugher

Laughter is medicine.  One of my favorite things to do is laugh with people.  Let's have some fun along the way and, I tell ya, laughing loudly and obnoxiously in public is completely underrated.

Obnoxious Laugher

Laughter is medicine.  One of my favorite things to do is laugh with people.  Let's have some fun along the way and, I tell ya, laughing loudly and obnoxiously in public is completely underrated.

Bocce Baller

I grew up playing bocce ball at family functions.  It was fun, conversational, festive and high-spirited. It reminds me in of my roots, my culture.  It's an invocation to my ancestors.  It has a walking element, which is super healthy and quite enjoyable.  Some yogis say that the highest form of yoga is walking.  It requires a bit of focus and concentration, which is great for the brain.  It happens outside and I certainly love being outside.  And we have the conversational, light-hearted approach to something that is and will be as diverse as the landscape.  It's theory and practice.

Cranio Consultant

I practice Cranio Sacral Therapy and have been for almost a decade.  This technique is likened to the old school “laying of the hands” (like Jesus) or what the Vedic lore would call Pranic healing.  I was initially trained by a man named Nagi, who I believe was an ancient nomadic healer – he’s a Gandalf of sorts.  He is of Egyptian descent, a Canadian citizen and, of course, we met in Morocco.  From that mystical interaction I went on to train at the Upledger Institute where I deepened my technique.  Now I engage with other healers from the “woo-woo” to practical, quantum to shamanic, expressive to talk healing – an informal continuing studies you could say.  People seem to like my work, which is now a magnificent blend of supercharged modalities.

Patron of the Arts

I love supporting the creative stuff, the impactful stuff, the stuff with a goal and a message, the small time, doing good, keeping it real stuff – and of course the people behind the stuff.  My patronage comes with sweat, promotion, and, when I have it, a little cash.  The poetry book I put together, Insights Out, will be sold to benefit partly myself and partly a local friend, artist, advocate, revitalist dude and his work.  I make art out of trash I find on beaches, in the streets and in parks to patron nature’s art – check out Trashin' the World.  Inspiring kids to bust a move, get creative and have fun is another form of my efforts.  

Juice Junkie

I had an upset stomach for 26 years or so.  After having enough I began to inquire, research and quest for bodily equanimity.  I became inspired by Dr. Max Gerson's work in which he used green juice and a specific diet to cure cancer and other degenerative diseases .  I figured why not try it.  As an experimental youth, green juice would be simple to swallow. It has changed my life and now I'm a daily junkie.  I rid myself from stomach problem and IBS, not to mention my allergies cleared, mental acuity enhanced and energy levels improved.  I now offer guidance to others on their health and wellness journey.  Who knew being healthy would be so... good for you.


Insight Outer

Sharing creativity, passions, epiphanies, and “ah ha” moments is something that fuels my enthusiasm for being human.  Mental, emotional, psychic and spiritual breakthroughs are to be celebrated – so let them out.  I like sharing my insights and hearing others’.  Creating space for people to discover their own insights brings me immeasurable joy.

Angel's Advocate

The Devil gets all the advocates and the details and New Jersey and many sports teams.  What about Angels? Or Spirits? Or Ghosts? I kinda like them all.  I have had direct experiences (visitations, sightings, interactions) from spirits that changed my paradigm, reality, outlook, lifeview, perspective...  Inadvertently I peeked behind the curtain.  The world got a whole lot bigger, a whole lot cooler, a whole lot more mysterious, a whole lot more Harry Potter.  Spirits, Angels, Ghosts, Devils, I guess you could say I advocate for them all.


Shamanic Whistler

I dig on some Shamanism.  I enjoy the everything is spirit, pantheistic, god/goddess everywhere approach.  Makes me appreciate more things, which makes my days go by way easier and a bit more magical too.  Everything is the same, everything is uniquely divine, everything is a bit mystical and mysterious.  Some shamans whistle medicine tunes to help others, some people whistle while they work and others whistle when they create.  I happen to be a fan of whistling and fan of shamanic practices – I put two and two together there.



Seeker of Truth

Seeker of Truth


Gotta have something to do around here.  Truth of Self, truth of life, truth in the mystery – where’s it hiding.  I’m looking, picking, playing, poking, and prodding at truth.  I find it to be a noble pursuit.  One way to find it is to slough off non-truth.  I enjoy this model: shedding the layers of not me.  As yogi Patanjali offered, abhyāsa, steadfast practice and vairāgya, nonattachment to the results are essential.  In other words, work your ass off and not give too much of a f*$k.  Or do your best and forget the rest.  Reckless abandon for the secret sauce, the man behind the current and the winner of the chicken or the egg race – I’m into that sort of thing.


Reckless Reader

Growing up I was a slow reader. I was in Special Ed for awhile. I'm self-diagnosed semi-dyslexic and ADD (in some ways I feel we're all on the spectrum), which made concentrating on the written word quite tough. Despite all this, I love reading, I love stories, I love ideas, I love letters, I love language. I'm not really sure why, considering my innate aptitude for other things. It has humbled me in many ways because it takes time and diligent concentration to read and write (for that matter). Nevertheless, reading helps keep the brain active, helps me learn stuff and now that I’m not pressured by school, I find it quite relaxing.

Masterless Yogi

I practice yoga as much as I can.  I don't really think I can get away from it.  I started with just the movements and originally went because I had crush on one of my classmates.  Now, I get down on the other limbs of the practice as well.  I even teach it, whatever that means.  I love and respect my teachers, I have learned tons from them and will continue to study from people, but I don’t really dig the Guru model.  It’s about allowing my experience to be the main teacher.  So in that way, I guess I don’t really teach yoga, but help to evoke it or inspire others to inspire themselves.


Beliefs: Kindness

"This is my simple religion.  There is no need for temples, no need for complicated philosophy.  Our own brain, our own heart is our temple.  The philosophy is kindness. "

— Dalai Lama

I read this quote many years ago and it stuck.  I'm certainly not perfect at it, but hey, who isn't a work in progress?