What does it mean to be a man?

Does it mean doing the best we can – 

all the time, in every moment,

in every situation?


Does it mean I have to be strong,

when others are so obviously wrong – 

doing this and doing that,

saying this and talking smack?


How is it that I'm supposed to act?

Is it just my opinion or a matter of fact?

When I think this and you think that – 

can we get along, despite our gap?


How do I share my feelings – 

my inner turmoil, my reelings and dealings?

Is it ok to laugh or cry

or sit on my hands and wonder why?


What about when I’m not doing my best?

How do I compassionately get something off my chest?

Can I scream and shout, moan and pout? 

Do I need to clearly and calmly speak my truth without a doubt?


What about my hair and dress – 

is this a “no” and that a “yes”?

Do these colors match?

Is it my looks that make me a catch?


What do I do? Where do I work?

Is it simply not being a jerk?

What about making money – 

or is it more important to be charming and funny?


Do I have to be fit,

awake, conscious or observant – 

stand for a cause of planetary rights,

or be a peacemaker when others fight?


Is it the way I vote, my opinions or views – 

whether I watch soaps or the news?

Do I need to be a good citizen

or volunteer at a soup kitchen?

And what about God?

Oh my God!

Is it cool if I’m an atheist, theist or spiritual seeker – 

what about just a moral keeper?


Does it matter where I shop and what I buy

or gazing at the stars and wondering why?

Is it the way I move or how I walk?

Is it the things I say or how I talk?


Do I have to be successful – 

what if I’m pitiful?

Decorated as a national hero

or living as an absolute zero?


Does it matter if I can cook a meal

or apprehend someone when they steal?

Do I have to be a conscious civilian

or understand what’s going on within?


There are so many ways to be a man – 

to be human.

I’m gonna try them all, 

then let you know where I stand.