Take 1:

            Squeeze the skin

            A hug, an embrace is how it begins

            Full and warm

            Safe from harm

            Ahhh, the comfort

            Of loving arms


Take 2:

            To greet those you love

            Press the flesh

            To express

            The motion of the heart

            Compress the skin

            Of your kin


Take 3:

            Press the flesh

            Hug the ones you love

            And the ones that love you

            And ones that are new

            And the ones made of gold

            That are ancient and old


Take 4:

            Hugs from the heart

            Hugs from the soul

            Make us filled-up and whole

            Our worries and cares

            Drift away

            Couldn’t we stay, here all day


Take 5:

            From mamas and papas

            Sisters and brothers

            Friends and strangers

            Companions and lovers

            All discover, all uncover

            How sweet it is to smother


Take 6:

            Press the flesh

            Squeeze the skin

            It’s easy, just jump right in

            Just do it, it feels really good

            Spread it around the neighborhood


Take 7:

Ensconced with embrace,

Surrounded by beauty

Nothing like a tender clutch

Now, that’s not really asking much

Just a sweetly simple touch


Take 8:

            Science even proves it so

            The more we hug

            The more we grow

            Brain chemicals are released

            Making us reside more in peace


Take 9:

            Try it

            Do it

            See how it goes

            When we’re skin to skin

            Everyone wins


Take 10:

            Having and holding           

            A truth unfolding

            On the surface

            Is a heavenly purpose

            For all to cling