Everyone talks working out.

Gyms and classes

Bikes and stair masters 

Shaking and toning 

Beautiful asses.

Push-ups and pull-ups

Crunches and core

Machines and mats and weights galore.

Or perhaps it's a run or a swim

Losing that flab

Making us thin.

Sweating and grunting

Strengthening and fat hunting.


But what about working in?

Where do we start?

How do we begin?

Do we dump out the mind with meditation?

Swirling thoughts and ideas 

Smeared across our consciousness screen.

How do we make that trim and lean?

Perhaps we follow the breath,

Into the belly and up to the chest?

Exhale long and slow

Will that help?

What sort of results will show?


So, what about our heart and emotions

All that internal commotion?

Happy and sad

Joyful and mad

Crappy and glad?

What do we do to unglue

From the yucky, icky, feeling brew?

What sort of therapy will help me find

Peace and tranquility 

Calm and serenity

Harmony and equanimity?


What about our intuition?

Does our instinct really have a solution?

How do we know?

How does it show?

Is it a sensation or feeling that has its place?

Indicating a trail or a trace

A course of action?

Is it an impulsive reaction 

In our gut or center mass?

How strong is it?

And how long does it last?


This working in can be tough as can be

Especially because the muscles, we can't see.

If we could even call them that.

May have to invent a new way 

To bring about change that stays.

A new language or code 

In with the new, out with the old.

This exploration is only for the strong and bold

And keen and crazy 

And slow and lazy

And anywhere in between 

I mean 

It's the inner areas that we can choose to seek,

Ok, let's go in 

And take a peek.