Poetry is cool,

that means poets rule.

Poetry can make you think

in different ways we view the ink.

Poetry is a dance,

a sweet romance

of ideas and metaphors,

fairytales and folklores.


Poetry is hot,

who says it's not?

It can inspire

that inner fire

to glow ablaze –

it is all the craze.


Poetry rocks,

unset your clocks

and go by your inner time

flowing with the rhythm and rhyme.

Poetry is beautiful sung or said

in the morning or just before bed.


Poetry has many forms

re-crafting the daily norms.

Some poets sculpt with their hands,

others play in bands.

Some stitch and sow,

others put on a show.


Kids and adults love it

when they stand or when they sit.

Some listen, some read,

what type does your soul need?

What is your word?

How are you heard?


Who is your favorite,

Milton, Wordsworth or Eliot?

What about Frost or Shakespeare?

Which one do you find most dear?

I bet I can tell,

you’re a fan of Oliver and of course Shel.


Write some,

have fun.

Read a line,

you've got time.

Maybe two

what else you gonna do?


So, take a look

in this book.

And find some words

that might seem absurd,

but isn’t that part of the fun,

no time to waste, it has begun.