How do people keep coming up with Chit?

It's like they have a creative kit

that makes art and tunes and stories,

of love and light and no worries.


Genius! Another masterful design.

Another tale and compelling rhyme.

Another beautiful painting, mastery in every detail.

Off into the ocean, another beauty set sail.


Like they just pluck these things out of mid air.

I try to create, but, at a blank slate I stare –

Where can I get some inspiration,

When I have all this confusion?


Maybe under the rug or in the attic?

Maybe on the radio, amidst all that static?

Maybe at an antique shop

Or after I buy a soda pop?


If I get drunk, squiffy or stewed

Then perhaps the creative ideas will get brewed?

Something amazing will come out to play,

Otherwise I will just be stumped all day.


Maybe, if I’m lucky, and if I pray

Something will make a glorious array.

Something beautiful will appear before my eyes

Until that happens, I may just sit here and cry.


So, when I have something to show, I will let you know

Until then I really must go.

I guess, this means goodbye for now

But I promise, next time I will make you wow.


I’ve got it, here it comes

Oh my, we’re gonna have so much fun

Creativity can be expressed in a zillion ways

In moments, instances or over several days.


Now that the door is open, I must walk through

Let’s go! Arm in arm! Me and you!

You do something and I will too,

But wait, how do we know when we’re through?