1) Give a gift
          It doesn’t have to be a birthday, holiday or special occasion to give a gift. The act of giving is an offering to someone or something else for the sake of uplifting someone’s spirits. Try it, it works.

2) Send a text
          A quick note to someone you love or haven’t spoken with in a while is a great way to send a prayer. Randomly dropping someone a line telling them you love them or that they are great is what I call a “love bomb.” Check it out and see how it goes.

3) Watch the Clouds go by...
          ... and wonder why. 

4) Pet an animal          
          The power of touch is incredibly soothing. Not only do animals love it, but people do to. Each time you stroke your furry friend, you’re making a prayer... how cool is that.

5) Go to a live performance
          Heading to any sort of live performance, drama, comedy, art opening, concert is a creative way to pray. Offering your support to artists colors our world with insight, awareness and prayer.

6) Make Art
          Draw, color, doodle, paint, sing, dance... whatever art you choose. Getting creative is one of the greatest forms of expression and greatest forms of prayer.

7) Cook
          Making a delicious meal is an incredible way to pray. Whether it is just for you or others cooking feeds more than your body. Feeding people is one of deepest prayer offerings that can be made, especially when it is pizza.

8) Make Music
          Every time you play an instrument, from a guitar to a table, flute to a rattle, voice box to a computer, we’re sending vibrations out into the world that have the ability to make an impact. How do you want to deliver your sound wave?

9) Dance
          Sweating your prayers was a termed coined by Gabriela Roth founder of the 5 Rhythms movement. Shakin’ and twistin’ is not only a great workout, fun, and invigorating but it can be a great way to pray.

10) Take a Picture
          Taking photos gets easier and easier because of the modern advancement of technology ­ we have cameras on our phones! How cool is that? Capturing memories through still shots is great and easy way to flip through prayers for people and places. As they say, taking a picture lasts longer.