Valentine’s Day can be a strange time for the solo flyer. A hallmark holiday that is embraced around the world, certainly brings up feelings of love or possibly confusion for those of us in the single space. I was surprised at the joy I felt this Valentine’s Day.

I spent my day in transit, traveling from Central America to South America. I wouldn’t have remembered it was Valentine’s Day unless I had spoken with a dear friend who told me that my airport hopping was on the holiday. She suggested I offer all the flight attendants chocolate. It was a practice that she has taken on when she flies and her last experience was over Christmas. She individually wrapped gifts for all of the attendants and told me how amazing the giving process was – she also mentioned that she was awarded 15,000 flyer miles.

Inspired by her, I embraced Vitamin G, giving, and bought a bunch of little chocolate baggies for all the flight attendants. The gifts were received with big smiles and some attendants were even taken by surprise. From the ticket swipers to the pilots, everyone got one.

After I had taken my seat on the plane, I was so filled with the warm & fuzzies that my eyes begin to water. Mere moments after I had taken my seat, one of the flight attendants came up to me and said a gentleman in first class wanted to know if I wanted fish or beef for my dinner. I politely accepted the fish – someone had noticed and offered me an upgraded meal. A few minutes after my order was taken another flight attendant arrived with a heart shaped cookie and said it was from one of her colleagues. After my delicious first class fish, another attendant asked if I wanted some Baileys to wash it down. I politely declined, but was overwhelmed with gratitude.

I think whenever I fly I might offer a little something, just to feel power and warmth of Vitamin G.

More to come on Vitamin G…