Miles is 450 lbs and he has already lost 60 lbs. His goal is another 200 lbs. He came from the Arctic Circle to Tamarindo, Costa Rica, not to party, like most tourists, but to juice fast for 7 days. He and 21 other people came from all over the world to join a Reboot, inspired by Joe Cross and his film, Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. Whether the motivation be weight loss, investigating wellness, taking a healthy vacation or just curiosity, the group was spun together for the sake of a greater purpose – one that is still being integrated and unpacked.

Uneasy, anxious, excited and curious was the tone upon arrival. Our team of 5 provided 4 juices and 2 coconuts a day, light meals, meditation, yoga, health coaching sessions, and walks on the beach. A few Costa Rican excursions filled this affair to the brim and left none unsatisfied. When they left the sense of accomplishment, unity and vibrancy accompanied by a health glow pervaded.

It has been an absolute joy, honor and privilege to be a part of yet another successful Joe Cross event in which empowered awareness, healthy mindsets and thriving hearts ruled the day.