It’s a New Year and a great time to step into a new and vibrant way of living.

This amazing wellness experience in Nicaragua will reboot and revitalize your mind, body and spirit bringing in a profound sense of gratitude for being alive.  We will eat amazing, plant powered foods, move our bodies in a yogic sort of way and step into empowered and mindful living.  

Grace and Julian will be your guides for generating an experience to launch you into the new year with Robust Vitality.  

What is Robust Vitality?  RV is a comprehensive approach for thriving health.  It covers mind, body, emotions and spirit.  Created out of years of healthful food living, personal growth, transformation and exploration into the vibrancy of being, RV will be presented in book form.  Adapted from course materials taught globally, Julian has condensed and made accessible the techniques for not only being fit and healthy, but also mitigating stress, handling emotions and communicating clearly in a fast paced world.  

Robust Vitality, covers techniques from ancient wisdom traditions to secular insights, scientific to practical, fun to rigorous.  This work encapsulates it all and makes it easy for anyone on a journey for health, healing or thriving life.  Being healthy is NOT just about being disease free, it's about thriving on all levels.

Come experience this fun and applicable practice that will be sure to inform you life in many ways.



  • Arrival: Fly into Managua, Nicaragua Thursday, January 4th (our start day).  We suggest arriving by 12:00 pm.  A shuttle will be arranged to pick you up and take you to the Gracious Living Oasis: www.gracevanberkum.com  This will be an incredible 3:00 hour ride through the city and countryside until we get to our quaint and quiet destination.
  • Departure: Schedule your flight out of Managua any time after 12:00 pm on Thursday, January 11th.  Transport will be arranged for you.

Check in with Grace at grace.graciousliving@gmail.com for arrangements and pricing for transport. 


Our goal is to empower, uplift and share gratitude throughout this week.  We will enjoy amazing food, soak in the sun and beach, move and stretch our bodies, and journey into our own sacred temple ­our body.  Clean, delicious, local organic food, will be the backbone for our physical nutrition.  Discussions and activities will help to cleanse the mind and fuel a deeper sense of awareness and illumination. The combination and expertise of Julian and Grace in this powerful environment will create a transformational and empowering week that you will remember forever.


GLO is a simple, 1-acre, semi-private retreat home location (sleeps maximum 6 people) focused on healing through fresh, local plantbased foods, yoga, movement, and nature.  It features a main club house with a full kitchen for all nutrition classes, a private yoga rancho & workout deck which also doubles as the community dining area for retreat guests.  For guests we offer a three bedroom cottage that sleeps 2 to a room, complete with:

  • Secured rooms
  • A shared shower for 2 rooms, Master room has own private shower
  • 6 beds (2 singles, 4 doubles)
  • Private washrooms complete sink, toilet and running well water
  • Ceiling fans and bedside fans
  • Tiled floors
  • Bedding /linens

GLO uses sustainable, local materials as much as possible and employs Nicaraguan artisans and workers to create an intimate environment in nature. We have several rain water catchment systems in use during the rainy season in an effort to conserve well water and help the environment.

GLO is the ideal location for small groups with specialized teachers or programs who are interested in learning and growing in a remote place with no distractions. 



About Grace

Grace Van Berkum, R.H.N., is a plant-powered, detox nutritionist and tropical yoga teacher facilitating empowering & inspiring Gracious Living Lifestyle Retreats in Nicaragua and around the world. Her mission in this lifetime is to spread the message of plant-based nutrition and self-love by teaching people how to eat and live with awareness. See more of her on Facebook and Instagram!

GLO Sunset.png


  • Sign­up: $1400.00 plus tax (approximately 17%)

Minimum Nonrefundable Deposit = $500.00

For Sign-up Registration and Questions please contact Grace:

GLO juice.jpg

Sample Daily Schedule (subject to change)

7:30 am: Detox Tea and Wheatgrass Moringa Elixirs

8:00 am: GLO flow yoga

9:30 am: GLO Superfood Breakfast

10:00 - 12:00 pm: Lecture Time/ Hands On Time (If visiting teacher is teaching the actual yoga/meditation classes then  this time is not necessary)

1:00 pm: GLO Plant Powered Lunch

2:00 pm: Beach/Pool/Rest/Massage/Cooking Classes/Adventure Time

4:00 pm: Chill Yoga and Meditation (various locations to choose from or stay at GLO)

5:30 pm: Sunset Time

6:30 pm: GLO Nutrient Dense Dinner

7:30 pm: Movies/Karoke/Bedtime Stories/Games/Meditations