• Bodhi Tree (map)
  • Playa Guiones
  • Costa Rica

The Training:

This program is geared toward developing and deepening your personal yoga practice while empowering you to share it with others.  Through skillfully led daily classes, you will be exposed to the wisdom and diversity of the yogic tradition. From the basics of yogic philosophy to a deeper understanding of the yogic inner pursuits our interdisciplinary approach will encourages all participants in a nurturing and sacred environment.   Group work, individual study and practice teach will give you the confidence and necessary preparation to continue a personal or professional path in the yogic arts. Along all the twists and turns on your yogic journey — and transformation process — you will be fully supported by dedicated team. 

The Collective:

We are a collective of yoga educators who have come together to create a unique, foundational yoga teacher training. All three directors trained at the Nosara Yoga Institute, which has an interdisciplinary / vinyasa based approach to yoga. Forming the Yoga Collective of Nosara brings the unique individual experiences of Daya, Julian and Yali into this training as well as their shared experiences in working together. 

The Curriculum:

Our curriculum covers the essential Eight Limbs of Patanjalis Yoga Sutras, Hatha asana practice, Qi Gong and Natural movements, inspired breathwork and ecstatic meditation.  We have a devoted Kundalini practitioner to share gems from this highly developed system which dovetails into and diverges from traditional yogic study. Your experience will be colored with modern thought and insight to truly push you into a place of personal inquiry and discovery.

For More Information Check Our Website: https://www.internationalyogacollective.com