Seeker of Truth

Gotta have something to do around here.  Truth of Self, truth of life, truth in the mystery – where’s it hiding.  I’m looking, picking, playing, poking, and prodding at truth.  I find it to be a noble pursuit.  One way to find it is to slough off non-truth.  I enjoy this model: shedding the layers of not me.  As yogi Patanjali offered, abhyāsa, steadfast practice and vairāgya, nonattachment to the results are essential.  In other words, work your ass off and not give too much of a f*$k.  Or do your best and forget the rest.  Reckless abandon for the secret sauce, the man behind the current and the winner of the chicken or the egg race – I’m into that sort of thing.

Difference Maker

In many ways no matter what we do, we're all making a difference.  I don't believe there are any innocent bystanders in the game of life.  One of my goals, intentions, prayers is to inspire people to inspire themselves.  By being a unique, authentic dude – perhaps a bit different, an odd ball, a weirdo –  I hope to leave a mark, impression, imprint in a way that brings about beneficial change, solid growth and long-term awesomeness.  We're all difference makers who have infinite capacity for growth, bliss and influence.  We could all use a difference maker, an advocate, an ally in our corner.  Someone there to cheer us on, offer us advice, and perhaps lovingly nudge us at times.


This is a goal, aspiration, course of work and at times a reality.  I think Universities “should” have a course on bliss.  Straight up.  Seems to me like there are a lot of people rolling around less than blissful.  I'm not saying I'm an expert (or maybe I am) but I am saying let's make this an actual thing that people aspire to.  Doesn't have to be limited to career or profession, goal or project... Why not radically outrageous, abundantly present and insanely incredible bliss?  I'm getting down on that.

Silly Sarcastic

I love childlike, playful, silliness.  I love sarcasm, a lot of times because I don't get it when others are using it, and because I think it's funny.  It can get a little dirty, so that's why I like keeping it silly.  A day infused with silly is a day colored in a good way.  Of course this dovetails into the obnoxious laughing.  When pulled off, it can be quiet genius, if not it can be plain old complaining.  It takes a pinch of clever, a dose of silly and a tad of observation to make it a success.  That's why I like it, it’s a small challenge.  My go to is silly, so I got half anyway.

Shamanic Whistler

I dig on some Shamanism.  I enjoy the everything is spirit, pantheistic, god/goddess everywhere approach.  Makes me appreciate more things, which makes my days go by way easier and a bit more magical too.  Everything is the same, everything is uniquely divine, everything is a bit mystical and mysterious.  Some shamans whistle medicine tunes to help others, some people whistle while they work and others whistle when they create.  I happen to be a fan of whistling and fan of shamanic practices – I put two and two together there.